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Shaper of Secret Worlds (mature ) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow may have cast the spell, but Spike is more than willing to adapt. *only lightly dark*
Welcome to "Eclectic Tongue", the home for all my writing.

My name is Tonya, but I go by Eclectic, Lilbreck, and variations of those names. I write in a few fandoms, along with some original works, but I'm always looking to expand into other fandoms that catch my eye.
Most Recent
Leave a Light On (teen starstarstarstarhalf-star) in The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie needs Caroline's help to change what has gone wrong.
Just Like the Movies: A Light Hearted Zombie Romp (youth ) in The Vampire Diaries
A not-so-typical Halloween night for Caroline and Klaus.
Rope Weaving (mature ) in The Vampire Diaries
Klaus and Caroline try something new.
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I've been updating Leave a Light On. I've had to add a few characters because of the story. Also, I updated the version of efiction, and now there a few things I need to eventually fix in my layouts. Other than that, it's business as usual.

I also turned off the comments on news and deleted the old news posts. It was a lot easier than trying to delete all 20 or 30 spam comments per post.

--Tonya on 04/11/2015 12:28
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