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In Breaths (adult only ) in Angel the Series
She had always enjoyed it when a boy would spend time doing just this. The only thing difference was that this time it wasn't the main event, wasn't the...
Welcome to "Eclectic Tongue", the home for all my writing.

My name is Tonya, but I go by Eclectic, Lilbreck, and variations of those names. I write in a few fandoms, along with some original works, but I'm always looking to expand into other fandoms that catch my eye.
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Rope Weaving (mature ) in The Vampire Diaries
Klaus and Caroline try something new.
So Rested He By the Tumtum Tree (teen ) in Crossovers > AtS/BtVS
Angel and Willow try to create a bit of heaven in hell.
Out of the Grey (The Fast Car Remix) (teen ) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Trying to take care of Spike proves more than Willow can handle so she calls the one person who she thinks can help.
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Change up in characters and warning.
I changed the characters so that all were site-wide. What this means for you: When you click on Willow Rosenberg, you now get all stories with her in it, regardless of category/fandom.

I changed up the language of the warnings and added drugging to the warning list. This specifically affects the non-con and dub-con warnings. Those are now, respectively, Rape / Non Consent and Rape / Consent issues. The reason that I have them as separate is for people who can handle a story where it is emphatically stated that one or more of the characters does not want this, but have issues where it is not emphatically stated (such as sex pollen, mind control, mating drive). This is also helpful for people with the reverse issues. Or even for people who are looking for fic where there is sex pollen, mind control, mating drive, or something similar.

--Tonya on 07/20/2013 17:17 18 Comments
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack
That's right, I've started writing and posting the stories again! And, I've got a new fandom I'm writing in. It's Star Trek. Wicked, huh?

--Tonya on 01/06/2010 09:37 35 Comments
I've got a new default layout [and have gotten ride of the other layouts]. Soon, I'll have more stories to actually put up!

--Tonya on 11/29/2008 04:37 25 Comments
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