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Fate and Machinations (youth ) in Star Trek
To ensure she was loyal to the cause, however, T'Pau herself would raise the girl.
Welcome to "Eclectic Tongue", the home for all my writing.

My name is Tonya, but I go by Eclectic, Lilbreck, and variations of those names. I write in a few fandoms, along with some original works, but I'm always looking to expand into other fandoms that catch my eye.
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Leave a Light On (teen ) in The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie needs Caroline's help to change what has gone wrong.
Just Like the Movies: A Light Hearted Zombie Romp (youth ) in The Vampire Diaries
A not-so-typical Halloween night for Caroline and Klaus.
Rope Weaving (mature ) in The Vampire Diaries
Klaus and Caroline try something new.
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I've been updating Leave a Light On. I've had to add a few characters because of the story. Also, I updated the version of efiction, and now there a few things I need to eventually fix in my layouts. Other than that, it's business as usual.

I also turned off the comments on news and deleted the old news posts. It was a lot easier than trying to delete all 20 or 30 spam comments per post.

--Tonya on 04/11/2015 18:28
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