Not a Girl Who Likes to be Teased [Reviews - 4] Printer
Completed: Yes - Words: 1074 - Chapters: 1 - Published: 06/14/2007 - Updated: 06/14/2007
Summary:Thing is, I'm thinkin' maybe you're the one misunderstanding things. You keep throwing out all these mixed signals.
Fandoms:Angel the Series
Characters:Faith Lehane, Lilah Morgan
Timeline / Genre / Warning: season 1 // porn without plot // Blood Play
Story Notes:Written for viciouswishes ' Buffyverse Down and Dirty Femmeslash PWP Ficathon. Request: leather pants, Lilah's Office, no Angel Also one of my first true PWPs and my first real femmeslash. Thank you to velvetwhip for the last minute emergency beta.
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